Although there is a development in technology today, the transformation is both positive and negative.

Opinions on show that there are regular health risks for those who are always on the internet. In the same way, there are positive advantages of using the internet.

The benefits of the internet are endless. In the same vein, the risks which arise from internet use are increasing every day. Perhaps, the usual saying that every good thing has its bad side permeates every aspect of society. The following are some of the health benefits of using the internet:

1.  Browsing Develops Aging Brains:

Surfing the internet has been said to develop complex reasoning and cognitive understanding. As browsing engages the brain, it develops it and offers a high experience to an ageing person.

2.  Connection with Friends:

You can easily connect with your friends and families through the internet. If you have people suffering from dementia, they can easily get by through constant access to family and friends which the internet facilitates. Through this, renewed memories can be created often and dementia can be better tackled.

3.  The Internet as a Support System:

For victims of whatever disease or mental health conditions, social media offers a community for everyone. Regardless of the challenges, there are different groups online that offer assistance to victims of any health or mental conditions.

4.  Social Media Apps Are Useful for Medical Information:

Sometimes, where people get the most recent information is the numerous social media apps available. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and lots more are used to offer information about every basic thing, including information in the healthcare industry. Through this system, you can learn more about your health and protect yourself the more.

The following are some of the risks of using the internet:

With the advancements in technology, its overuse is a common problem. Some of them are:

5.  Psychological Effects of the Internet:

The internet is where you can be exposed to both good and bad energy. You are prone to experience isolation. This is because you may feel left out when you don’t get to enter into one circle of celebrities or professionals. You are also prone to depression and anxiety. Thousands of people are depressed through the link of social media interactions. If you post a picture and you’re expecting a reaction, your expectations may be diminished. It is discovered that this leads to low self-esteem most times.

6.  Physical Health Effects:

You may experience eyestrain by perpetual use of your browsing gadgets. If you operate your smartphone or laptop in a poor posture, you could sprain a bone or two; you could even have neck pain as a result. In addition to this, you may develop sleeping problems.

7.  Reduction in Physical Activities:

Through addiction to the internet, you may rely on the internet and ignore every physical activity you’re often engaged in. This can lead to different diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and a few others.

These points show that while the internet has its benefits, there are also enormous health risks. To stay safe, find a balance.