The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has once again brought to the fore the importance of having a strong immune system. Research suggests that people with the strong immune system are less likely to contract the deadly and highly contagious coronavirus disease that humans have been trying to nip in the bud since its emergence in the Chinese city of Wuhan.  Improving your immune system transcends ordering immune-boosting products from evolution slimming  or nuts, herbs, flour, dried fruits and other organic products from buywholefoodsonline.

Sit back and relax as we shall be discussing proven tips to help boost your immune system.

1.  Choose a healthy lifestyle.

There is a strong correlation between your lifestyle and the strength of your immune system. Excessive smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug abuse, consumption of food items with excessive sugar etc., are known to damage the immune system and make people susceptible to infections and diseases that should ordinarily not harm them. Inculcating a healthy lifestyle like good hygiene, exercising to keep fit and prevent obesity etc., can go a long way to improving the immune system.

2.  Vaccinate yourself.

Do not listen to conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers that may try to convince you against getting some vaccination against diseases. A lot of scientific research has established the fact that vaccination will not only prevent you from contracting some serious diseases like polio, smallpox, hepatitis and cholera it can help boost your immune system and guarantee a healthier living.

3.  Have a bias for fruits, berries and vegetables.

Apart from tasting great on the taste bud, fruits, berries and vegetables are packed with beneficial immune-boosting nutrients that are critical for a healthy living. An excellent example of these nutrients includes antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, selenium and iron. Consuming food items like elderberry, button mushrooms, acai berry, watermelon, broccoli and spinach will greatly boost your immune system and reduce the frequency of visiting the doctor.

4.  Avoid environmental toxins.

Research shows that exposure to environmental toxins can impair the immune system over multiple generations . The harsh reality of living in urban areas is that it exposes us to industrial toxins like smokes from automobiles, factories, construction sites etc., that have been proven to prevent the optimal working of immune cells. While it may be hard to avoid exposure to toxins you must reduce exposure as much as possible to protect the integrity of your immune system.

5.  Practice safe sex

 Practising safe sexual practices prevents you from contracting sexually transmitted infections like *Gonorrhea and HIV/Aids that can weaken and destroy the immune system . It is a notorious fact that HIV kills by attacking the body’s immune system and rendering it useless against attack from diseases. Abstinence from sex till marriage, use of condom and faithfulness to a partner are practical ways to protect yourself against immune damaging STIs.


Think of your immune system as the soldiers protecting your body’s territorial integrity against external attack. You must take care of it to ward off sickness and diseases. Contrary to popular belief, having an extremely strong immune system can be disadvantageous. It can lead to allergic reactions amongst other things