Do you feel like your life is one big diet? Have your tried almost everything and do you keep gaining weight, rather than losing it? Luckily there is a good solution, that not only makes you happier, but will make you become more relaxed and you will tighten the bond you have with your children. In addition, it will make you lose weight in an easy way, though it takes a bit longer. Just start with playing games with your children.

Let it go

As Elsa in Frozen taught us in a nice way: just let it go. Stop focusing on losing weight, stop focusing on what you should not eat or should be doing instead of hanging on the couch. Let it go! It is no life to live like that. So today, after you pick up the kids from school or daycare, you ask them if they want to play tag with you in the park, or hide and seek once they are a bit older. Or, maybe you can bring a ball and play soccer, or basketball. You could go to a playground and do a match together. Once in a while you could go swimming with them. Ask them if they want to help you with getting healthier.

Foods and drinks

Dieting is hard. You have to deny yourself the good stuff every single time. Stop doing that! Rather reward yourself with one good item a day. Tell yourself you can have one treat a day. That could be one candy, or one cookie, or one small piece of pie. Reward yourself with it after finishing your work. But stick to one item a day, no more! And the rest of the day you eat fruits, veggies, nuts, fish or eggs. When it comes to drinks, just do the same. You can have one unhealthy sugar-sweetened drink a day. So one coke, or one juice. The rest of the day you could drink tea without sugar, or water with fruit. If you stick to this ‘diet’, it will become so much easier for you! And also, stick to the fresh foods, no cans or bags.

Track your body

Rather of weighing yourself every single day, it is better to monitor your body composition once a week. If you buy one of the Tanita segmental body composition scales, you can keep track of your BMI, heart rate, fat percentage, metabolic age and muscle mass, amongst others. Sometimes you do not lose weight, but your body is changing in a good way.

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