No longer imports from the Netherlands, Italy launches domestic marijuana pilot project. Who produced it: the military. They produce it for medical purposes. With the legalization of cannabis for treatment, the Italian military is the only cannabis producer in this EU country. In June 2016 the first harvest was done.

In addition to maintaining the security of the country, the Italian military also assumed duties as a marijuana farmer. Through the marijuana project for treatment that began in 2007, the Italian government appointed its military in September 2014 to manage cannabis fields in Florence.

Italy allows the use of cannabis for treatment with a prescription. But until now, the supply of cannabis for Italy is still dependent on the Netherlands. The selling price of imported marijuana is 35 Euro or about 500 thousand Rupiah per gram.

Not reported how the volume of marijuana is harvested in this first harvest. But Italy hopes, from the fields in Florence, can be produced 80 to 100 kilograms of cannabis each year. And with domestic production, it is expected that the price of cannabis can be reduced to under 15 Euro per gram.

The results of Italian domestic cannabis fields are expected to meet marijuana needs for treatment for about 2,000 patients. Although the benefits of marijuana in the medical world are debatable, most researchers consider this plant if consumed in the right doses can be used as a powerful drug for some types of diseases.

In January 2017, the German parliament also legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, among them to help cancer patients, after undergoing chemotherapy. These drugs also help increase appetite and prevent weight loss in tumor patients and can relieve symptoms of sclerosis.

Whereas since long there has been a demand for marijuana sold legally to the public, such as for example in the Netherlands. The demonstration was most often held in the German capital, Berlin. Among those demanding legalization are arguing, the banning of cannabis trade has only negative impacts, such as illicit trafficking of marijuana and illegal prostitution.

Since the new law of 2017, cannabis may be given to chronically ill patients for medical purposes. But the law does not elaborate, any illness in question. Just mentioned that a doctor can prescribe for therapy with cannabis. Previously, marijuana was also allowed for medicinal purposes, but only for very small people, about 1000 people.

Even in Canada, a person must have a Cannabis Card to obtain medical treatment by cannabis.