It is said that women are obsessed with losing weight and can do anything to show that they are pulled through the ring.

There are many reasons why a person does not gain weight. Genetics plays an essential role, but other aspects are just as important. Some people have a fast metabolism and burn more calories than they consume, and other causes include an unhealthy diet, nutrient deficiency, changes that have led to dysregulation of metabolism, or certain conditions.

Here are the most effective tips to gain weight in a healthy way, taken from the opinions of people on

Consume many good calories

If you want to start a healthy weight loss diet, you may need to change certain eating habits. You can be indulgent with the number of calories, in the sense that if you want to gain weight you are allowed to increase the caloric intake by 500 calories per day (from 2000 calories to 2500).

The most important aspect to keep in mind is the nutritional intake: the foods you eat can be high in calories, but they must also provide your body with a generous amount of nutrients. Therefore, fast food products or sausages are out of the question. They can make you fat, but not in a healthy way. It is very useful to check healthy fast food delivery services to find healthy and tasty solutions and foods.

Eat 5 times a day

Instead of 3 main meals and that’s it, you should have 3 main meals plus 2 or 3 substantial snacks if you want to gain weight healthily.

In the morning, for breakfast, it is good to consume carbohydrates, nutrients that you find in wholemeal bread and whole grains. At the main meal at lunch and in the evening it is good to eat foods rich in fat, but in your diet should predominate foods rich in unsaturated fats (fish, for example), and in addition to these to find saturated meat, non-fat dairy products).

Snacks between meals can be made up of products that help you gain weight healthily: fruits, almonds, roasted hazelnuts, nuts, dried fruits (dates, apricots, plums, raisins).

Consume fruit juices and shakes

Fruit juices are indicated in a weight loss diet, but in moderation, because they contain a lot of sugar that can be turned into fat. Well, if you want to gain weight healthily, you have green to eat fruit. You can also eat milk and fruit shakes, without counting every calorie you consume. Eat several food groups at the same time

Make sure that at every meal, there are at least three food groups on your plate. Instead of a banana or a cup of nuts, choose a slice of toast and add peanut butter and a few slices of banana. Enjoy a glass of skim milk. You can eat mashed potatoes with eggs, chicken soup, or chicken with vegetable sauce and skim milkshakes.

Calories matter, but so do nutrients

Make sure your diet is based on healthy foods if you want to gain weight. Foods with a high-calorie intake are needed, but they must also be rich in nutrients. So choose foods that successfully combine vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and calories. Plenty of vegetables and fruits, cereals are recommended, because they contain healthy calories, dairy, tuna, etc.