I had asked my husband to go to couples therapy with me at least a dozen times. He always told me no. That did not surprise me, and I seriously considered going on my own. I even went to https://www.carolinebronte.co.uk/counselling/maidenhead/ to find out as much as I could about this kind of therapy, and that is when I realized that I was not the only problem. He was just as much of the problem, and that meant he had to be part of the solution too. He caught me crying not long after that, and he actually pulled me into his arms and held me.

He said he loved me, and that is something that I knew was true. He told me that if going to marriage counseling would make me happy, then he would do it. I knew as soon as he said that that we were going to be just fine. I was so afraid that he would never agree to go, and I was heartbroken that I was going to spend the rest of my life feeling sad. He gave me so much hope just when he held me, and our therapist gave both of us even more hope once we started seeing her every week.

She had a way of making both of us feel comfortable. She was able to draw things out of us that neither of us even realized were there. To say she was a blessing to our marriage is an understatement. She got us to the point where we started to actually talk with one another when a problem would come up rather than ignore it. We both thought that was the easiest way in the past, but it just snowballed until we almost lost our marriage over it. I am so thankful to her for saving my relationship with the man who means the world to me.