Although research has not been done, the products with the content of this marijuana plant continue to run. Not long ago the New York Times reviews the trend of Cannabis oil. CBD is a substance other than THC contained in cannabis. The substance is being used in skin care products. Part of its function is to reduce pain and reduce anxiety.

In the United States, Lord Jones is one line of skin care products that until now consistently make the CBD as one of the product material. These products are packed in the form of body lotion. The Lord Jones website contains information about product content with sufficient detail. It says that the lotion serves as a healer of pain in muscles and joints, as well as skin wounds. This product is one of them used Karla Welch, a celebrity stylist who often apply the lotion on the legs of clients when they have to walk on the red carpet wearing heels. You also should know about Cannabis oil Canada.

Ildi Pekar, a woman who works in the beauty industry said that recently she has found an increase in sales of CBD facial oil. Ildi assumes in the future the popularity of CBD oil can be similar to argan oil, oil derived from a plant called Morgan endemic argan (Argania Spinosa). Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip, director of cosmetic dermatology at South Sore Medical Center Massachusetts, said that the study of CBD is still lacking. But he is quite confident with the results of research that has been circulated.

“A number of studies have suggested that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties. It can affect anti-aging. He is also able to prevent dry skin, “he said.

Matthew Herman, the creator of Kush, an aromatherapy candle with CBD content, feels himself watching the trend of marijuana use change from the business side. If once marijuana is synonymous with stoned and can only be used by way of sucking, now the use of cannabis can be in various ways. Cannabis, Herman said, has become a luxury industry.