What if you have a pill that can make you a lot smarter than the average person? It sounds like the plot of the Hollywood movie Limitless, right? But according to recent studies and decades of researches on this subject, there is an effective and safe “smart drug” that you can use to maximize your brain’s potential. Research and studies confirm that modafinil can help boost cognitive function of our brain without causing any severe side effects.

The drug modafinil has been used and prescribed in the United States since 1998 to help patients that have problems with sleeping like sleep apnea or narcolepsy. This drug also heightens alertness like, just like when you drink a cup of coffee. Some studies suggest that this cognitive-enhancing pill could boost the cognitive functions of the user, but the results are inconclusive. Do you want to know why you need to take smart drugs, visit http://time.com/5509993/nootropics-smart-drugs-brain

To help clear up any uncertainties, researchers at the University of Oxford have analyzed more or less 24 published studies between 1990 and 2014 that focuses on how smart drugs can affect a person’s cognitive function. In their review that was published in 2015 by the European Neuropsychopharmacology, they found out that the methods that were used to evaluate these “smart drugs” specifically modafinil can strongly affect the outcome.

Research that focuses on the drug’s effects on the person’s performance when it comes to simple tasks like pressing a specific button after seeing a particular color did not record a lot of benefits. But some studies asked the test subjects to do challenging, and complex tasks after using modafinil or placebo drugs found out that people who took the pill were more accurate, which suggests that it can help boost cognitive functions, not just executive functions but also learning and attention.

But don’t just believe everything researches say, go to the pharmacy and start buying these smart drugs. Although a lot of physicians will prescribe the pill to help people increase their concentration, the drug is still in its infancy stage. There are studies conducted in 2018 that says more or less 22{d889937ce4f454b111ced48fd496490a263418bc75ee916c0d3ca3b72d5f0529} of Americans uses prescribed brain-boosting medications in the previous years and 4.1{d889937ce4f454b111ced48fd496490a263418bc75ee916c0d3ca3b72d5f0529} uses cognitive-enhancing pills even though the drug have not yet finished with their long-term safety and effectiveness studies.

Various studies have been carried out in a controlled environment and only looked at the side effects of a single dose. That is why the effect of the drugs long-term for healthy people is still in question. It is also not known whether the effects of modafinil will be lost when used repeatedly, an effect that is found in people that are regular coffee drinkers.

Side effects are another factor that needs to be considered. Modafinil has been known to cause headache, stomach ache and insomnia in certain users. Some research suggests that it could also cause addiction. If you do not have a severe medical condition, the benefits can outweigh the risks so buying and getting a coupon for Afinil Express and other legitimate sites can make sure that the drug that you are purchasing is safe and affordable.

For some people who suffer more serious conditions, headache, stomachache and insomnia can be a more acceptable side effect. But for people who use Nootropics to pass an examination or for people who are just curious about the drug and decided to try modafinil, having these side effects are not worth it.

Should people take “smart” drugs?

The same with other medications, the “smart” or cognitive-enhancing drugs affect people differently and in specific ways. Setting the ethical questions about mind boosters aside, here is a particular group of people who need to take this miracle drug.

Teens and children

Cognitive-enhancing medication could present specific risks to the developing brain. There are clinical trials that suggest modafinil is safe for children with ADHD or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The problem is, the test only lasted for a few months, making it hard to ascertain the long-term effect of the drug.

In 2014, a review article from Drexel University and University of Delaware examines the biochemical effect of the cognitive-enhancing drugs, modafinil, and other “smart” pills and raised concerns about the effect of the drug in developing brain’s ability to cope up with new situations and the increased risk of addictive behavior if they are used long-term. Click here to know more about the adverse effects of Nootropics.

People with lower Intelligence Quotient or IQ

According to research, cognition-enhancing pills or smart drugs offer the best performance boost among people with low to average Intelligence Quotient or IQ. The findings led researchers from the University of Oxford to propose in their 2014 paper that these kinds of drugs were given to people who need them the most, a lot of ethical concerns about the smart drug’s use would be alleviated. The drug might even reduce inequality when it comes to opportunities that rely on the intelligence of the individual.

Senior citizens

Some studies suggest older people may not get many benefits from using cognitive-enhancing or smart drugs. For example, one study found out that Ritalin or methylphenidate, a component of the drug that boosts attention and working memory in young adults, do not have any effect on elderly test subjects when it comes to their performance in different cognitive tasks.

Searching for the real smart drug

For years, people have been searching high and low for ways to boost their cognitive ability. In the past years, scientific efforts revealed a few promising components, but only drugs like modafinil passed the rigorous tests conducted by research facilities for cognitive enhancement.


One of the most popular and the oldest stimulants that are known to humans, people recognized the stimulating properties of caffeine for hundreds or even thousands of years. It can help people enhance their attention as well as their alertness. But the effects of caffeine are short-lived. Not only that, the tolerance to its effects builds up a lot quicker.


Mostly found in cigarettes, nicotine is also considered as a stimulant. It is used for hundreds of years, from recreational to medicinal purposes. This stimulant is very addictive and believed to have a lot of dangerous side effects.


Initially, this drug is used to treat people with sleeping disorders like narcolepsy and sleep apnea. It also enhances the cognitive function of the user, especially when they are completing complex tasks. Experts can’t precisely determine the reason why it works or the long-term effects of the drugs to people’s wellbeing.