As soon as your baby was born, you already felt some doubts. You are not sure if your child is truly yours. It could be that you and your partner had some problems before the pregnancy and you just want to know for sure. So what can you do?

Many differences

You can tell that your child is very different than you. You have dark hair and dark eyes and your child is blond and has blue eyes. Something is not right, is what your mind keeps telling you. But before you make up all kinds of scenarios inside your head, keep in mind that it is possible that the child is very different but still is your own child. There are parents that have very dark skin and get babies with very pale skin. Or the father and mother both have brown eyes, while the baby has blue eyes. Or mom and dad have brown hair, whilst baby has red hair, and so on. So, before you confront your partner, please keep in mind that anything is possible.


Despite the fact that differences are possible, you could still have doubts. It could be possible that you do not fully trust your partner, or you just do not have anything in common with your kid. You really want to be its father, but you keep having doubts about whether or not you are the biological father. Luckily, there is a simple test you can perform, which will give you clarity quickly.

Paternity test

There are several paternity tests you can perform. The easiest one is theĀ home paternity test. You can easily order it online and you can perform the test yourself. Register your test kit and then send the package to the lab. The results will be sent online as well, so nobody will see them besides you. So, before you start a discussion with your life partner, please make sure you have the correct results. In addition, keep in mind that one does not have to be a father to be a daddy. If you find out you are not the biological father of your child, it will be a shock. But for your child, it does not make a difference, as long as you keep loving him or her the same as you did before.