Faking orgasms is not a crime. Sometimes women do this so that their partner doesn’t feel guilty, or because he wants to end a boring game in bed. There are also cases called anorgasmia, where a person is unable or difficult to orgasm. As a man, your reaction may be upset, disappointed, or feel “unable” to fulfill the task. Of course, you are not willing if the couple does that. But did you know, did he really reach the top, or just pretend? Order Viagra Online now to satisfy your partner. That way, you will be guaranteed to be able to make your partner truly orgasm.

Here are the signs of women faking orgasms:

He achieved it after being asked

Some men wanted their partners to reach orgasm, so they repeatedly asked, “Not yet?” That question for some women is an urge to arrive soon. Instead of getting them closer to the top, it might actually reduce his passion. And if that’s the case, maybe he faked orgasm so that the game quickly finished. So, don’t force your partner to immediately orgasm, let him enjoy the journey.

Reaching without heating

Orgasm can actually occur in lightning without warming up. But this is a special case where both of them are really excited because they haven’t met for a long time. In most sex, women need foreplay to make their organs ready. So, don’t hesitate to make out beforehand. Understand that sex is not merely penetration, but is a long journey. Penetration is only part of the trip.

There was no recovery afterward

According to the study, after reaching orgasm, women will usually experience a recovery phase, where he is silent not talking or moving for a while. The breathing speed is also different. And he becomes sensitive and more intimate.

Of course, everyone’s behavior in this phase is different. But we can feel relaxed and more comfortable because of that achievement. If he said he had reached the peak, but was not in that “special” atmosphere, maybe he faked it.

No contractions

Biologically, when a woman reaches orgasm, her hip muscles will contract. His partner will be able to feel the pressure. But if your partner sighs but nothing happens to the hip and vagina muscles, maybe the peak has not been reached.

He suddenly wants a different game

Someone usually has a pattern or way to reach orgasm faster. There are those who prefer position A, others choose position B. If he then asks you to change the ritual of making love or making out, maybe beforehand he was not satisfied. It’s time to listen to your partner’s wishes so that he can reach orgasm.

Different from usually

In contrast, usually women fake orgasms for various reasons. In general, newly married couples want good sex, but emotionally they have not been involved or have not dared to say what they want. So that his partner was not disappointed, he faked it.

But if you have been in touch for a long time and know your partner, then you will memorize how the pattern and reaction when it reaches orgasm. Well if one day the reaction is different, maybe what happened is not like your expectations.

Of course, the behavior of each woman is different. The signs above are not necessarily exactly the same as the actual events because sex is not exact science, everything must be certain. The most important thing for men to do is to recognize and understand what their partner wants to get a beautiful love life.