There is no question that a cell phone is a helpful tool. It eases contact with colleagues, acquaintances, and relatives. However, each innovation with such advantages has several negative effects.

However, mobile phones have various negative effects if used for long hours. Research has been conducted on telecommunication gadgets and a few conclusions have been made. You can check third-party review sites like Collected.Reviews to know more of the best telecommunication companies in your region.

Below are 5 Negative effects of using mobile phones for long hours:

1.     Stress

A mobile phone can tempt you to chat or email the whole day rather than do constructive stuff. The study has shown that individuals who spend long hours on their phones are more exposed to the risk of stress, anxiety, and depression. Researchers have also said that individuals who use mobile phones for long hours are vulnerable to mental and psychological complications.

2.     Risk of phantom pocket vibration syndrome

These disorders refer to the fear regarding missed texts and phone calls, and the more frequently you search your device, the more severe it becomes. It is just a real issue when it becomes frequent or causes excessive distress. Your conduct is a significant issue. If your ways cannot be changed by checking on a computer, cognitive behavioral therapy is still an opportunity.

3.     It can cause body pain

A few hours of slouching onto your phone may cause distress starting from back pain. To prevent this, please ensure you match your ears with your shoulders, and your shoulder blades are pulled back, particularly when you glance at your mobile. Activate your eyes and lift your arms to reveal your phone instead of hunching over.

4.     Could cause texting claw

No, they’re not systematic diagnoses. These words are commonly referred to as tendonitis, or swelling of the tendons that drive fingers, thumbs, or wrists, with pain and inflammations in the fingers, hands, and arms. From arthritis to a fractured bone, the discomforts can be potentially traced back to any variety of things. However, repeated swiping and tapping can aggravate the issue. In any event, rests every 20 to 30 minutes can provide some intense pleasure from heavy text or typewriting or tinder swiping. See a specialist in splinting, physical or cortisone treatment for the hand and wrist.

5.     Vision complications

Excessive use of cellular phones in adolescents is said to cause vision issues. 83{d889937ce4f454b111ced48fd496490a263418bc75ee916c0d3ca3b72d5f0529} of them have cellular phone vision syndrome according to the report conducted on 30 medical students. Symptoms include fatigue, redness, the feeling of fire, blurry eyes, and eye irritation. Increased use of mobile telephones is beyond their utility and causes new issues for youth. While you can not stop your teenager from using a mobile phone, you may restrict the use by setting up some basic guidelines.

Listed above are some dangers excessive use of phones pose to the lives of its users. You can read up and research to know more about the best phone usage practices.