The Legality of The Use of Cannabis As a Medical Necessity

Cannabis in Indonesia is still illegal. Indonesia is even included in the list of the most stringent countries in regulating marijuana. Together with China, Japan, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia.

The history of human civilization records, tobacco and marijuana are two types of plants that undergo massive changes. In Indian culture, tobacco was once considered a sacred plant and could help connect humans with ancestral spirits. Indians also smoked tobacco with long pipes in traditional ceremonies.

Likewise with marijuana, which is also often referred to as marijuana. It is believed, Indian people have known marijuana since 1500 BC. Bhang, one of the offering drinks to Lord Shiva, is believed to be made from a mixture of cannabis leaves, almonds, spices, cold milk, and also sugar. In the culture of the Rastafari community, marijuana is also used for meditation and rituals

However, in modern society, these two plants are considered poisonous plants. While tobacco is still used for legal cigarette products, marijuana is really considered a part of drugs and is prohibited from using it.

Slowly, things begin to change. Many countries have begun to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Perception about marijuana also shifted, no longer seen merely as a …

CBD Facial Oil

Although research has not been done, the products with the content of this marijuana plant continue to run. Not long ago the New York Times reviews the trend of Cannabis oil. CBD is a substance other than THC contained in cannabis. The substance is being used in skin care products. Part of its function is to reduce pain and reduce anxiety.

In the United States, Lord Jones is one line of skin care products that until now consistently make the CBD as one of the product material. These products are packed in the form of body lotion. The Lord Jones website contains information about product content with sufficient detail. It says that the lotion serves as a healer of pain in muscles and joints, as well as skin wounds. This product is one of them used Karla Welch, a celebrity stylist who often apply the lotion on the legs of clients when they have to walk on the red carpet wearing heels. You also should know about Cannabis oil Canada.

Ildi Pekar, a woman who works in the beauty industry said that recently she has found an increase in sales of CBD facial oil. Ildi assumes in the …

Legalize Cannabis for Treatment

No longer imports from the Netherlands, Italy launches domestic marijuana pilot project. Who produced it: the military. They produce it for medical purposes. With the legalization of cannabis for treatment, the Italian military is the only cannabis producer in this EU country. In June 2016 the first harvest was done.

In addition to maintaining the security of the country, the Italian military also assumed duties as a marijuana farmer. Through the marijuana project for treatment that began in 2007, the Italian government appointed its military in September 2014 to manage cannabis fields in Florence.

Italy allows the use of cannabis for treatment with a prescription. But until now, the supply of cannabis for Italy is still dependent on the Netherlands. The selling price of imported marijuana is 35 Euro or about 500 thousand Rupiah per gram.

Not reported how the volume of marijuana is harvested in this first harvest. But Italy hopes, from the fields in Florence, can be produced 80 to 100 kilograms of cannabis each year. And with domestic production, it is expected that the price of cannabis can be reduced to under 15 Euro per gram.

The results of Italian domestic cannabis fields are expected to meet …

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FDA Regulations on E-Cigarette Marketing May Increase Death Toll and Violate State Laws

Early last year, the Food and Drug Administration announced through their Commissioner Mr. Scott Gottlieb that FDA would reexamine and rewrite tobacco rules. Noticing that the leading health threat in tobacco and its products results from combustion and not nicotine, Gottlieb stressed the impact “less risky tobacco products” could make in reducing the number of deaths from cigarettes.

Though Gottlieb’s observations were well received, more has to be done if the dream must come true. Despite the recently proclaimed reforms, FDA’s rules on cigarette alternatives like e-cigarettes threaten to do more harm than help community health.

Cigarettes remain a major cause of avoidable deaths in the United States. And while many smoke cigarettes for the nicotine, research has confirmed that it is not nicotine that’s harmful. Instead, it’s the combustion/burning of tobacco that makes smoking risky.

E-cigarettes, as well as other smokeless forms of tobacco, can fulfill smokers’ longing for nicotine at a lower risk. Available evidence indicates that e-cigs expose a smoker to fewer health risks than combustible tobacco does. Yet federal regulations are hampering e-cigarette’s potential of reducing kills for all its good intentions. And the elusive suggestion by state officials that electronic cigarettes pose the same danger …

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How Juicing Can Help You Improve Your Health

A chilled glass of juice on a hot dry summer’s day is something most persons look forward to. The drinking of any type of juice each day is known to be highly refreshing and nourishing to various parts of our body as it provides the body with important, vital and beneficial vitamins, minerals and enzymes that helps the body improve on its general health.

There are many juicers on the market and all juices provide greats benefits to you whether you juice them yourself or you get them from store. Although juicing yourself most especially with the right juicer such as the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer will be of greater benefits as you get to extract all the essential nutrients with increased juice yield and  juice quality.

Juicing is interestingly has become one of the best ways to get nourishment and essential nutrients. Juicing has become a natural method of getting the best nutrients out of fruits and vegetables.

Juicing simply put, is the process of extracting juice from fruits, vegetables. The juice extracted contains a whole lot of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that help to improve on the overall general health of the body.

Taking …

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